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SwanTree School/College Project


We are an international organization promoting eco-friendly solutions and create awareness on climate change.


As we are international, we are making a green directory of all the participating Schools involved in promoting eco-wellness practices. The change to the world comes through the innocence of youth and we are teaching youth and our future leaders the art of sustainable living.


What is it for students?


  1. Equip students with communication, problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork skills that will help them enabling them to organize environmental campaigns.

  2. Get an introduction on sustainable living from our experts

  3. Get an introduction to Permaculture from our experts

  4. Get online resources and research materials on the latest Climate change update

  5. Represent the school in inter-school debates and Nature science competitions

  6. Visit a local farm and get an introduction to local eco-friendly farming.

  7. Get involved in local plantation drives

  8. Get involved in waste management, segregation, recycling, and reducing waste.

We provideStudents with Communication, Problem Solving, Leadership, and Teamwork Skills.

Opportunity to be part of Local Plantation Drives.

Exposure to local Farms and get an Introduction to Eco-Friendly Farming.

Students get the opportunity to represent the school in Inter-school Debates and Nature Science Competitions.

We Give Introduction on Sustainable Living and Permaculture from our Experts.

For Students

Get trained in the latest Eco-Friendly Measures.

Conduct a Whole School Project that will benefit One’s Career and make your School more Environmental Friendly.

Opportunity to be part of the Expert Team Members who will Certify other workplaces on their Eco-Practices.

For Teachers

For School

Get recommendations on how to make Premises of the School Greener and Healthier for students and staff from our experts.

Participate in drives and apply for grants from Corporates.

Reduce bills by Thousands of rupees a year through an Effective Energy-Saving Campaign.

Participate in a yearly Swantree Eco-Schools Awards and transform the School into a Model of Sustainability.

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