Join the team of environmentalists!  

Unique Opportunity to get work Based Experience in Environmental Journalism

What is the objective of Swantree, and what does it do?


Swantree is a self-sufficient, self-sustainable, Eco-wellbeing company with the purpose of serving the Environment and contributing to making the Earth a better and healthier place for the generations to come. We conduct Nature-friendly commerce to generate funds for the sole purpose of supporting our cause. 


We are a group of passionate Doctors, Engineers, and various other professionals, who have joined hands to tackle the growing disparity between Economics and Ecology, with our proactive actions and various eco-friendly innovations. 

What is expected out of me?


  • Researching on various portals regarding Environmental Issues.

  • Interviewing Field experts and gathering knowledge online reporting citizen journalism and blogging.

  • Following Trends of climate change.

  • Reporting to Media Manager on a daily basis.

  • Expected to promote and boost posts of the Organization.


Where will I be Based?

Anywhere in Telangana State. We have not opened Work-Based Experience to the other States of India at the moment


Do I need to come to the office?


No, all the correspondence is done online, as this goes with our work ethos of saving fossil fuel as much as possible.


What are the perks of joining Work Experience training?


  • Job experience Certificate

  • Exposure to journalism and research 

  • Improve your CV and communication Skills

  • Opportunity to Learn from International experts

  • Be a part of a talented and skilled pool of future employees

  • Improvement of career opportunities and Employability


Will I get a salary?


No, but you will be getting reimbursement on fieldwork- in terms of food and conveyance fees. You will also get Certified by our company. 


Can I work permanently with Swantree?


Currently, SwanTree is not hiring new employees. However, in Exceptional talent, we could create a new position.


How long is the experience for?


3 months, We will be inducting every 3 months. We aim to retain exceptional talents as Employees after 3-month Work-Based Experience


Can I work in International offices with SwanTree?


No, at the time of writing, we are not placing our candidates internationally. 


What happens if I pass the interview for Work-Based Experience at Swantree?

If you did pass the interview stage, our HR team will do a Throughout Background check over next week- which will include police records to social media posts. We will terminate the offer letter if one is found to have racist, xenophobic, patriarchal, extremists ideologies.


Bsc 3 rd Year ( Environmental Science - Preferred)/Diploma Journalism



Excellent English writing and Interviewing Skills


Location: India

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